how did kim kardashian start her career

how did kim kardashian start her career

How did Kim Kardashian start her career?

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities of the 21st century. From making a name for herself in socialite circles to eventually becoming an influential entrepreneur, Kim has come a long way. But how did it all start? Let’s take a look at how Kim Kardashian started her career.

Early Career Pursuits

Before being well-known for her socialite and business endeavors, Kim was an assistant to her father and had a few other low-key jobs. Kim started her career as a closet organizer, as well as a personal shopper for some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

The Big Break

In 2007, Kim and her family signed a deal with E! to join the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This was the big break that Kim needed to launch her career and put her on the path to becoming a household name.

Leveraging Her Fame

Kim was quick to capitalize on her newfound fame and began pursuing a variety of business opportunities. She has been involved in several successful business ventures, including clothing lines, mobile apps, and beauty products. Kim also produces her own series for E!, entitled Dash Dolls, which follows the lives of the employees of DASH, a fashion boutique chain owned by the Kardashian sisters.

Philanthropic Endeavors

In addition to her business accomplishments, Kim has also been involved in philanthropic endeavors. She actively supports a variety of charities, and in 2013 she starred in a charity single to raise money for the victims of the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado disaster.


Kim Kardashian has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. Through a combination of hard work, leveraging her fame, and philanthropic efforts, Kim has managed to create a successful career for herself that has spanned several years.

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