how did joanna gaines start her career


How Did Joanna Gaines Start Her Career?

Joanna Gaines’ fame as a home renovation and interior designer began in 2012, when her and her husband, Chip, co-starred on the HGTV series Fixer Upper. The show was an instant hit, propelling Joanna to the top of household names for home design and décor in a matter of weeks.

Early Start

Before the success of ‘Fixer Upper,’ Joanna enjoyed another successful career in retail. She, along with her mother, opened up a shop in 2003 in Waco, Texas. Her shop, Magnolia Market, featured two stories of vintage, home decor and bridal items. While the shop was one of the earliest signs of her interest in décor, it was not her start in the field.

Design School

After graduating high school in 1998, Joanna initially pursued a degree in Communications. However, she dropped out of college the next year to study the arts at a local technical college. After completing her course, Joanna opened up a small furniture and design business along with her father. While her business only saw small successes, her skills of renovation and design began to build.

‘Fixer Upper’

In 2012, Joanna and Chip were invited to participate in the series. Their now infamous show, ‘Fixer Upper’, follows their journey as they help clients purchase fixer-uppers, renovate and design homes in the Waco area. The show is particularly noted for Joanna’s skillful eye and ability to choose winning décor schemes.


Joanna Gaines’ influence in the interior design and home decor field hardly need be said. Along with the success of ‘Fixer Upper’, Joanna has gained sponsorships and a retail line for products related to interior design. With the amount of views and followers, it is safe to say her career jumpstarted into success and set the trends for home décor for years to come.


Joanna Gaines began as a Texas high school graduate with no formal education in interior design. Since her start in 2003, she has become an icon in the home décor industry – all due to her vision for renovation, dedication to design and willingness to help others create their perfect home.

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