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Jackie Chan’s Early Career

Jackie Chan, born in Hong Kong on April 7th 1954, is one of the most successful martial arts actors of all time. From his earliest beginnings in the movie industry, Chan has consistently surprised and captivated audiences with his unique brand of stunts and martial arts acrobatics. This article will explore how Jackie Chan got his start and the events that led to him becoming an international superstar.

Jackie Chan’s Upbringing

Chan studied martial arts and acrobatics as a child and was enrolled in the China Drama Academy in 1971. His time in the China Drama Academy provided him with the necessary skills to become a successful stuntman and actor. Within a year of his enrollment, Chan was cast in small roles for TV series, further enhancing his credentials.

Early Success With Lo Wei Films

In 1976, Lo Wei, a Chinese film director, was impressed with Jackie Chan and offered him the opportunity to star in his films. The new and improved Jackie Chan quickly proved to be a success and Lo Wei films were popular films at the box office due to their combination of action and comedy. This early success gave Jackie the experience and confidence to move into the cinema industry.

Breakthrough With Drunken Master

In 1978, Jackie Chan starred in his first major hit film, “Drunken Master”. His thrilling and impressive stunts and martial art skills in the film quickly made Jackie Chan an international celebrity. The viewer’s in-depth interest in Jackie Chan’s martial arts skills and cinematic prowess made it the highest grossing movie of that year.

Ongoing Success throughout the 80s & 90s

After the success of Drunken Master, Jackie Chan continued to increase his accomplishments and popularity with over 15 films released in the 80s and 90s. He was praised for his comic timing, physical feats and daring stunts. His films included cultural references to different countries and frequently changed the stereotypical image of martial arts films.

Jackie Chan Today

Jackie Chan is still considered one of the most successful martial arts actors of all time. To this day, Chan continues to produce and act in films and has had multiple achievements recognised at various awards ceremonies. He currently has a career spanning four decades and is a global ambassador for UNICEF.


Jackie Chan’s extraordinary career began with small parts in TV shows in the early 70s. Through dedication and hard work, Chan gained the experience and confidence that led to him becoming a household name. His ongoing success has led to him becoming one of the most influential martial arts actors of all time.

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