how did irene cara die

how did irene cara die

The Death Of Iconic 80’s Singer Irene Cara

Irene Cara, the singer and actress who gained legendary status in the 80’s after singing the movies themes from Flashdance and Fame, tragically passed away in 2020.

Career Highlights

Before her sudden death, Irene Cara achieved quite a few career highlights during her professional career. Here is a quick look at some of them:

  • Winning an Academy Award for best original song for “Flashdance…What a Feeling” in 1983
  • Being nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female
  • Her appearance as Coco Hernandez in the movie Fame
  • Her success as a songwriter and producer

Cause Of Death

Irene Cara’s cause of death was natural causes. She had been suffering from health issues over the last few years including heart complications. Her family released a statement saying she died peacefully in her sleep on April 12, 2020.


Irene Cara will be remembered for her remarkable work in the fields of music and acting. Her hit songs “Flashdance…What a Feeling” and “Fame” remain fan favorites to this day and will continue to stay popular as long as her fans and admirers continue to pay homage to her work.

Her death was mourned all over the world, and a number of officials, friends and family members paid tribute to the late singer.

Irene Cara will be remembered as one of the most iconic singers from the 80’s and her contribution to the music world will be remembered for years to come.

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