how did devi ruin paxton’s swimming career


How did Devi Ruin Paxton’s Swimming Career?

Paxton had an incredible talent for swimming and was on the way to becoming an Olympic level swimmer. But all this changed when his rival Devi entered the picture. It has been widely speculated that Devi sabotaged Paxton’s career and here is how:

Undermining Himself

Paxton’s competitive spirit was often his downfall when racing against Devi. He competed to the extreme and regularly pushed himself further than he was ready for. This burnt out his body, leaving him feeling injured and exhausted.

Training Intensity Increase

Devi was known for her intense training regimes and persistence. This created more pressure for Paxton to match her intensity. Paxton believed that to keep up he had to train harder and longer, but this resulted in him developing exhaustion elated injuries and illness.


When racing Devi, Paxton found himself getting preoccupied with her performance, rather than his own. This caused him to become unfocused during competitions, resulting in numerous losses to Devi and increased levels of anxiety.

Lack of Support

Paxton found himself in an unhealthy swimming environment full of negative stress. The focus on winning at all costs meant that there was no room for errors or rest. This caused him to become increasingly mentally and physically exhausted and take a break from the sport.


It is believed that Devi was largely to blame for ruining Paxton’s swimming career. Her intense training and pressure tactics ultimately caused Paxton to become burnt out, leading to a break from the sport. With no support from the swimming environment, Paxton found it impossible to deal with the pressure and eventually put an end to his dreams of becoming an Olympic level swimmer.

The story of Devi and Paxton is a cautionary tale, reminding us to practice self-care and take care of our mental health, both in and out of the pool.

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