how did carrie underwood start her career

how did carrie underwood start her career

How Did Carrie Underwood Begin Her Career?

Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest names in contemporary country music. She has released multiplatinum albums, been featured in award shows and sold out arena concerts around the country. But how did Carrie Underwood get her start?

Early Years

Carrie Underwood was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1983. Growing up, her parents, Stephen and Carole Underwood, were supportive of her musical aspirations. She often sang the national anthem for her local football and baseball games. Her first professional music performance came in 1998 at the Oklahoma State Fair. This performance gave Underwood the confidence she needed to pursue a career in music.

American Idol

At the age of 21, Underwood auditioned for the fourth season of American Idol. She had developed a strong following over the course of the competition and eventually won, becoming the seventh winner in the competition’s history. Winning the competition gave Underwood the platform she needed to kick-start her career.

Debut Album

Shortly after winning American Idol, Underwood signed a recording contract with Arista Nashville. She soon released her debut album, Some Hearts, which went on to become the best-selling album ever released by a female country artist in Nielsen SoundScan history.

Career Success

In the years since her first album release, Carrie Underwood has gone on to dominate the country music genre. She has received several awards, including multiple Grammys and Country Music Awards for her albums and songs.

To date, Underwood has released six studio albums and sold over 65 million records worldwide. She continues to tour and release new music, establishing herself as one of the biggest stars in the industry.


Carrie Underwood’s career began with an Oklahoma State Fair performance, then grew when she won the fourth season of American Idol. She subsequently released her debut album, Some Hearts, and continued to grow in popularity with award-winning albums and singles. Today, Underwood is one of the biggest names in country music and is widely regarded as a legend in the industry.

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