how did becky g start her career


Becky G’s Start In The Music Business

Becky G also known as Rebecca Marie Gomez, is a young singer and entertainer that has had great success in the music business. Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Becky G began her career at just eleven years old and has continuously seen success ever since.

Early Stages

It was in 2009 that the young Becky G began her music career, first uploading her music to YouTube and uploading her singing covers of popular songs. Her first hit was the self-made song “Becky from the Block” which she created and released when she was just fourteen. It was a song about her daily life growing up in Inglewood, and it quickly caught on. Around this time, Becky G was featured in a few local commercials, which really helped to gain recognition of her talent.


In 2011, Becky G released her third single “Problem” and it quickly gained traction, surpassing the million views mark in just two days. After the success of her song, she was invited to many different talk shows and even interviewed by the famous Ryan Seacrest. It wasn’t long until Becky G signed her first record deal and started working on her debut album. Her debut album, “Play It Again” was released in 2013, and received great reviews.

Accolades and Achievements

In her career, Becky G has achieved great success, having been nominated for several awards and even receiving several of them. Some of her most impressive achievements include:

    • Billboard Latin Music Awards – Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Female Artist


    • iHeart Radio Music Awards – Best Fan Army


    • iHeartRadio Music Awards Mexico – Best Music Video and Best Solo Artist Female


    • Kids’ Choice Awards – Best Female Singer and Favorite Latin Artist


    • MTV Europe Music Awards – Best Pop



With her success, Becky G has become an idol for young girls, inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Her career in music started when she was eleven years old, and since then she has had nothing but success. She quickly gained recognition and in just a few years had established herself as a powerful voice in Latin music.

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