how can your manager help you progress in your career

how can your manager help you progress in your career

Advice on Career Progression from Your Manager

Getting your career off the ground and progressing towards ambitious career goals can be a tall order. One of your most important allies in reaching your aspirations is your manager. Here are a few ways your manager can help you advance in your career:

Stay Focused on Development and Training

Your manager should know what training and development opportunities are available to you to help you reach your potential, and should actively encourage you to take advantage of them. These career progression programs can help you develop technical and/or managerial concepts and skills essential for you to move up the career ladder.

Offer Guidance and Support

Your manager should provide guidance and support. This means giving you positive and constructive feedback on your reviews, offering new challenges and tasks to help in the development of your skills, and acting as a mentor who can offer personalized advice and support.

Challenge and Encourage

A manager should help you to stay motivated and encourage you to regularly challenge yourself and your knowledge, through things like stretch assignments. They should also be willing to support you in any initiatives you take to learn new skills or expand your knowledge.

Provide Clear, Tangible Goals

In order to progress in your career, it is important to have clear, tangible goals to strive for. Your manager should be actively involved in helping you set these goals, and should provide support, guidance, and feedback in helping you reach them.

Give Respected Opinions and Recommendations

Your manager should always be willing to give respected opinions and recommendations about your work. Additionally, when the time is right, they should be confident in making positive endorsements and references of your abilities to other potential employers/recruiters.

By following these tips, your manager should be able to provide a great platform for you to progress your career. Hopeful, this has offered insight into the how your manager can be your powerful ally in helping you to advance.

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