how can social media affect your career


Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Your Career

Social media can profoundly influence your career path – both positively and negatively. With a smart approach, it can be an effective tool for enhancing your professional reputation, expanding your network and furthering your career.

Virtues of Social Media


    • It can be an easy way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field.


    • It has the power to expand your professional network, providing access to mentors, influencers, and potential customers or employers.


    • It gives you the opportunity to connect and interact directly with professionals in the same field.


    • It can be used to discover job opportunities, as many organisations use social media to advertise openings and receive applications.


Risks of Social Media


    • Your online activity can be tracked, and employers may research your social media accounts for evidence of inappropriate behaviour.


    • Those who post too often may come off as unprofessional or unserious.


    • Your online activity could reflect negatively on your job prospects – negative comments, sharing controversial topics or making inappropriate comments.


    • You could be inadvertently sharing sensitive information, such as contact details or confidential workplace information.


Making the Most of Social Media


For those looking to make social media a tool for career success, the following guidelines are important:


    • Choose wisely which social media platforms you use. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the most common choice for professional networking.


    • Think before you post and share. Don’t be reckless with your online presence!


    • Stay up-to-date with news and trends in your industry, contributing your own thoughts and observations.


    • Engage and interact with influencers, educators and experts in the chosen field.


    • Network and build relationships with people in the same industry. Befriending those holding the positions you aspire to can help you understand what it takes to get there.


Used correctly, social media can be a meaningful part of your career strategy. Set clear goals, be professional, and utilise the platform to its fullest potential.

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