how can i start my career in it field


Starting Your IT Career

A career in IT can be hugely rewarding, both financially and intellectually. Knowing how to get your foot in the door in the IT field is the first step. Here are some simple steps and tips for kickstarting your IT career.

Develop Your Skills

If you’re just getting started in the world of IT, the first step is to develop your skills. This can be done through taking courses or getting certified, or through building up experience. Here are some tips for gaining skills:

    • Enroll on a course or take classes – look for certification programs such as CompTIA, VMware or Microsoft.


    • Practice developing your skills in coding, networking and system administration.


    • Gain experience with different types of technology, such as cloud, mobile and web.


    • Get comfortable troubleshooting computers, networks and other technical equipment.


Build Network

Having a good network is essential for finding work in the IT field. Building relationships with employers, professionals and recruiters is key for finding out about available jobs, as often these are not advertised. Here are some tips for building your network:

    • Attend IT conferences and meetings.


    • Join professional IT societies or organizations.


    • Connect with other IT professionals on LinkedIn.


    • Reach out to employers who might be interested in hiring you.


Apply for Jobs

Once you’ve developed your skills, joined the right networks and established yourself as a credible candidate, it’s time to start looking for jobs. Here are some practical tips for finding jobs:

    • Search for jobs on dedicated IT job sites.


    • Look out for networking opportunities in your field of interest.


    • Research and apply to relevant companies.


    • Follow up on any interviews you are invited to.


A career in IT can be extremely rewarding, both financially and intellectually. Knowing how to get started in the IT field is the first step. Developing your skills, building relationships and researching job opportunities are just some of the steps to getting your foot in the door. Best of luck!

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