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Finding Your Career Passion

Do you ever feel like you’re not really sure what makes you excited to go to work each day? If that sounds like you, then you’re probably searching for your career passion. While it can take some time to find the ideal job that truly makes you happy, here are a few steps to get started:

1. Dig Around Your Past Experiences

Think back to when you were a kid. Were there specific activities that you truly enjoyed? Reflecting on your previous hobbies and activities can give you an idea of what kind of job might make you feel passionate.

2. Reminisce About What You Loved Doing

What have you done in your life that you’ve loved? It may not have to be related to a specific field of work. Maybe you’ve felt the most alive when you’ve volunteered in your local community? Or maybe you realized that you get your creative juices flowing when you write? These past experiences can give you insight into what kind of career you can pursue.

3. Follow Your Instincts

How do you feel when certain ideas come to mind for your ideal job? Notice how your body and mind respond as these thoughts pop up. If a certain career choice makes you feel inspired, then it’s likely that your soul is signaling for you to pursue that path.

4. Make Connections & Experiment

Once you have an inkling of what kind of job you’d like to do, start examining it more closely to determine if it’s the right fit. Talk to people who are already in the same field and ask them questions about the day-to-day reality of the job. Also, if possible, volunteer or intern in the field so you can get firsthand experience. These preliminary steps can help you get an idea of whether the job is something that truly makes you excited to go to work each day.

5. Have Patience

The process of finding your career passion can take time, so it’s important to have patience. Don’t rush into making a decision that you’ll regret later. Take the time to really explore and enjoy the process of finding the job that’s right for you.


Finding your career passion may take some effort. But if you follow these steps and keep a positive attitude, you’ll eventually find a job that makes you excited to get up each morning and head to work.

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