how can a phd help my career

how can a phd help my career

How a PhD Can Help Further Your Career

Having a PhD can open up many career opportunities. With extensive knowledge and research, graduates may find themselves likely to gain higher positions of authority and often at a higher wage. Here are some of the ways a PhD can help you further your career.

Leadership Position

Many employers look to hire PhD graduates as leaders in their organisations, so with a PhD, you may be able to get a senior level job. This is especially beneficial if you want to oversee a team and take on more responsibility.


By getting a PhD, you are certifying your knowledge in a specific area and this can demonstrate to potential employers your expertise. The certification of your knowledge is also beneficial when applying for research related roles.

Networking Opportunities

Having a PhD can also provide you with further networking opportunities. Whilst working on your dissertation and attending lectures and classes, you will likely have met numerous people or lecturers who can be great connections for your career.

Intellectual stimulation

Studying for a PhD can also offer intellectual stimulation. Through research and practice, you can develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be very beneficial. As well as this, the knowledge you gain from the courses and research will be applicable to everyday life and your job.

Work Permit

For international students, having a PhD may also provide an easier path to getting a work permit. This is advantageous as it may lead to more job opportunities and potentially help with employers that require work permit before hiring.

In conclusion, a PhD can be very beneficial in terms of furthering your career. From securing a leadership post, certifying your knowledge and offering intellectual stimulation, the potential is endless when you have a PhD.

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