how can a personality test affect your career options

how can a personality test affect your career options

How Personality Tests Can Affect Your Career Options

Choosing a career path isn’t always easy, and often it’s tough to know where to start. Taking a personality test can help narrow down and uncover the job or career you would be best suited for.

Understanding Your Personality

For those deciding on a career path, understanding the core of your personality can help start the process. Meetings with career counselors and taking the Myers-Briggs® personality test are the two most common ways to get a better sense of who you are and which career path might be best for you.

Uncovering Potential Career Options

Personality tests help to uncover potential career paths, as well as job duties, salary and preferences that could be a good fit for you. Some of the potential career paths following a personality test may include:

  • Creative Position: If you are more creative and independent, careers with a more free-form style such as graphic design, writing, artist, or entrepreneur can be one of the main personality test results.
  • Analytical Position: People who are more detail-oriented and organized may thrive in more analytical industries. Examples may include research analyst, financial planner, computer programmer, or accountant.
  • Organizational Position: If you’re a natural leader and organized, then a job acting as a team manager or working in human resources would make sense. You may also consider a career in project management, teaching or sales.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Results

Keep in mind, the information from a personality test is just a start. Depending on the category given, you should further research and read up on any potential job openings or options. You may discover certain career paths you didn’t know about or hadn’t thought to pursue.

By taking the time to understand your personality type and uncover potential job options, you can be one step closer to finding the career you can thrive in. Understanding which career paths will best match with your needs is a disadvantage; use it to your benefit.

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