how a woman’s appearance affects her career

How A Woman’s Appearance Affects Her Career

It is no secret that the modern professional world is one that is heavily influenced by appearances. While both men and women alike need to be mindful of the way they present themselves to potential employers and colleagues, women in particular experience far more social scrutiny. A woman’s outward appearance significantly impacts her career potential, in both more and less obvious ways.

Unconscious Bias

From the second an employer lays their eyes on a job candidate, they will often make assumptions based on the way they look. This is known as unconscious bias, and it’s a deeply rooted phenomenon that women may struggle with more than men. Women are often drained after spending hours obsessing over what outfit to wear for an interview, knowing that even the tiniest details of their wardrobe can have a large impact on the outcome. Although these judgement calls are rarely intentional, they can have actually have a significant influence on hiring decisions.

Benefits of Power Dressing

In order to balance out these unfair advantages that men may have when entering the workplace, a woman can leverage the power of what is known as “power dressing.” This involves wearing clothing that will both look professional and help increase her confidence. Power dressing can be particularly effective when it comes to making an impression on a potential employer or client, as they will often respond positively when they sense that a woman is taking leadership of her own career.

Cultural Expectations

Cultural expectations can also play a role in how a woman’s appearance is perceived in the workplace. As a result, it is important for women to take into account the type of industry or company they are working for, and tailor their wardrobe accordingly. If a woman is going for a job interview in the corporate world, for example, dressing conservatively and in line with industry standards will likely help her stand out from the competition.

Keys to Success

When it comes to building a successful career, every woman should keep the following points in mind:

  • Always Dress Professionally: It does not matter if a woman is meeting with a business associate or interviewing for a new job: looking presentable is essential in the workplace. Dress in the style that suits the role and position she is pursuing.
  • Understand Cultural Expectations: Depending on the culture of the workplace, dress codes and styling may vary. Get to know the culture of the workplace and adjust her wardrobe choices accordingly.
  • Invest in Quality: Investing in quality clothing is important in order to give the right impression. Invest in good quality pieces that fit her well and that she can wear multiple times in numerous ways.
  • Express Herself: While it may be necessary to dress to please the company or clients, women should still aim to maintain their own style and dress in a way that helps them to express themselves.

Ultimately, a woman’s appearance and style can have an impact on her career path. When used correctly, power dressing can be a great tool for helping women project a sense of confidence and professionalism in the workplace.

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