don’t turn your passion into a career


Bulletin: Don’t Always Turn Your Passion into a Career

When it comes to choosing your career path, it can be tempting to pursue a line of work related to something you’re passionate about. However, not always is this the best choice. Here are some reasons why you should weigh your options carefully before turning a passion into a full-time career:

1. The Honeymoon Period Will Wear Off

Passion is often what carries us through those long days. Yet, when faced with the reality of doing something as a job, that passion might quickly turn to disdain. Most hobbies become full-time jobs because of the work, rigor and – yes – a bit of daily exhaustion that comes with it.

2. Financial Security May Be a Concern

No matter what you do, you want to be financially secure and provide for yourself and those who depend on you. That is why you want to be sure that the career choice you make will provide a steady income. Unfortunately, following a passion usually can’t guarantee financial security.

3. Sitting Still Can Kill Creativity

Hobbies usually thrive on being spontaneous and open to new ideas. But when a craft is being turned into a career, it’s slightly different. It’s important to recognize that when crafting your career, you may have to sit still and be content with what you have.

4. You May Not Be the Best at Your Trade

Hobbies are typically areas of self-expression that come from an individual’s unique perspective and skills. When transitioning from then to a career platform, the scenario changes: not everybody can be the best in the business.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with making something out of a one-time hobby. And there’s no denying that some people can make a successful career out of their passions. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before you take the plunge. Think it through and find a balance that works best for you.

Remember, turning your hobbies into a career isn’t the only way to find fulfillment!

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