don’t date a career woman


Don’t Date a Career Woman: Reasons and Tips

For some people who have experienced it, dating a woman with a successful and demanding career can cause all sorts of added stress and problems. Here some reasons why you should potentially avoid dating a career woman and some tips on how to do it without breaking hearts.

Reasons for Not Dating a Career Woman


    • High expectations: A driven and focused career woman most likely won’t easily let down her guard. She’s used to a certain lifestyle and expecting to have someone who completed her; someone who matches her drive and ambition.


    • Hectic schedule: Career women are extremely busy with their jobs. They have deadlines, long hours, and tend to leave everything to the wire. It’s hard to form a real relationship in those conditions and those women rarely have time for side projects, like relationships.


    • Difficult person: A career woman might not be the easiest for you to handle and could be difficult to please in some circumstances. For instance, she will cause arguments when you aren’t speaking the same language, so to speak.


Tips on How to Avoid Dating a Career Woman


    • Know your situation: Before becoming involved with someone, it’s important to know if you should even try getting into a relationship with her. Consider your situation and if you are ready to cope with an individual with high expectations.


    • Personal space: Career women need their own space to stay focused on their career, like going on business trips, working long hours, etc. By giving her the space she needs, you won’t be putting too much pressure on her and the relationship.


    • Be confident: Every woman looks for a man who is confident. A career woman is no exception. Be sure of your decisions to fight the oncoming depression and lower expectations.


Overall, there is no guarantee that you won’t get into a relationship with a career woman. However, by following the steps as mentioned above can support you make the right decision. Good Luck!

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