don t marry a career woman

don t marry a career woman

Don’t Marry a Career Woman

Do you think you are ready to take a long-term decision such as getting married? You may have the urge to have a female companion and think that a career woman is the right choice. But before making a decision to marry a career woman, here are a few things to consider:

1. Time and Attention:

A career woman spends her days and nights in her office, working hard to fulfill her duties and responsibilities, so she may not have time and attention to devote to the marriage. She may not be able to understand how you feel, communicate with you on a personal level and prioritize the needs of your relationship after her busy schedule.

2. Status and Prejudice:

A lot of men may feel intimidated by their partner’s career achievements and success. They may feel as though she is more successful than them and over shadowing them. This can lead to a feeling of insecurity in the relationship. There is also a lot of societal and family pressure upon marrying a career woman that may lead to resentment.

3. Financial Stability:

If you are looking for financial stability and someone to cushion your finances, then a career woman may not be the best choice. Career women push themselves to be independent and dedicated, which could leave you feeling left out of the decision making process. This could even lead to feeling like her success is all she focuses on and she may forget about you.

4. Emotional Connection:

Your partner’s work duties and their drive to succeed can create obstacles in developing an emotional connection. Without a strong bond, it won’t be easy to create a healthy and lasting relationship.

5. Life Balance:

If you’re both very career-focused, then it would be very hard to find the right balance between your professional and personal lives. If not addressed, this can cause a lot of stress and instability in the marriage.

In conclusion, a career woman could sometimes be a difficult partner to have due to the reasons mentioned above. So, when considering marriage, it is essential to think carefully about what type of person you are looking for and make the right decision.
Think twice before you marry a career woman!

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