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Don’t Know What Career? How to Figure Out the Right Choice

Knowing Your Interests

When you’re unsure of what career to pursue, it’s important to take stock of what interests you. That doesn’t necessarily mean taking the time to do a full-on evaluation, but it does mean taking time to ask yourself what kind of work you enjoy.

Consider What You’re Good At

It’s also important to consider the skills and knowledge that you may have to offer a potential employer. You may be able to draw on your existing skillset or consider what areas of study and knowledge you want to grow. Make a list of the skills you most want to focus on and the skills you already have.

Personality Traits

Your personality traits will also come into play when it comes to selecting a career. Consider what you are:

    • Organized: prefer to analyze data and create plans.


    • Creative: prefer to be imaginative, take risks, and innovate.


    • Caring: prefer to help people or animals.


    • Intellectual: prefer to work with complex concepts and hard data.


Research Your Options

Once you have an idea of what you’re good at and what you’re interested in, research is the logical next step. There are a number of websites and publications that can provide you with a detailed look at the different types of careers out there.

Take your time to understand what each career entails and what the day to day of the job might be. A great starting point for researching careers is The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Talk to People

Lastly, talking to people – whether family, friends, mentors, or colleagues – is a great way to get an understanding of the ins and outs of different career paths. Not only can talking to someone offer you insight into their own personal experiences, but some people may even be able to offer connections and advice.


Knowing what career path to take can be challenging, but with the right amount of introspection and research, you can make an informed decision regarding the right job for you. Taking the time to consider your interests, skills, and hobbies, can go a long way towards finding the right career.

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