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Don Orsillo’s Baseball Career

Don Orsillo is a beloved broadcaster who has been announcing for Major League Baseball since 2001. He started his career with the Worcester Tornadoes, a single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, before being promoted to the Major League announcer’s booth. Throughout his career, Orsillo has become known for his witty, enthusiastic delivery and engaging conversations with players and coaches. Here is a look at the highlights of Don Orsillo’s baseball career:

Early Career

Orsillo started his broadcasting career with the Worcester Tornadoes in 1995, after having worked in radio for a few years. He moved on to the Portland Sea Dogs, the Red Sox’s single-A affiliate, in 1997, where he became well-known in the area. This led to his promotion to the Major League announcer’s booth in 2001.

Notable Moments

Throughout his time in the Major League booth, Orsillo has been the witness to some of the greatest moments in the history of the Red Sox. From the unforgettable World Series win in 2004 to the exciting drama of the 2013 season, Orsillo was there to provide play-by-play coverage. He has also had the pleasure of being part of the opening and closing ceremonies of Fenway Park, having announced for both the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park in 2012 and the final game at the historic ballpark in 2013.

Widely Loved

Orsillo’s unique blending of enthusiasm, humor, and insights into the game has made him a beloved broadcaster not just for the Red Sox, but for baseball fans everywhere. His joyful delivery and joy at the game make even the mundane moments exciting and fun. He has also proven to be a master of the ‘easter egg’, being able to spot unheard of rules in the middle of games and handle a quirky improv routine with ease and grace.


Don Orsillo’s baseball career has been nothing short of legendary. He has had the fortune to be witness to some of the greatest moments in the history of the Red Sox and has proven to be one of the most engaging broadcasters in the game. His infectious enthusiasm and skillful delivery have made him one of the most beloved broadcasters in all of baseball.

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