don mattingly career statistics

don mattingly career statistics

Don Mattingly’s Career Statistics

Don Mattingly is a legend in the Major League Baseball world. From 1982 to 1995, he was a dependable and tenacious first baseman for the New York Yankees. His career is remembered for its chronicled successes on and off the field. Here are some highlights of Don Mattingly’s baseball career:

Career Batting Average

  • As a Yankee: .307
  • Career: .307

Hit Totals

  • Total Hits: 2,153
  • Home Runs: 222
  • RBI’s: 1,099

Seasonal Awards

Don Mattingly won the American League batting title in 1984 and 1985, the Gold Glove Award in 1985 and 1986, and was named Most Valuable Player in 1985. He also stood out for his superb offensive and defensive play in 1987, when the Yankees reached the World Series.


After an injury-plagued 1995 season, Mattingly announced his retirement in 1995. He was named by the Yankees as a special instructor in spring training and a part-time coach. As a tribute to his devotion to the team and incredible career, Mattingly’s number 23 was retired by the Yankees in 1997.

Don Mattingly played fourteen seasons in the Major League Baseball and made history along the way. Although he no longer plays, his legacy lives on in baseball history and in the hearts of fans.

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