don bradman career

don bradman career

The Unparalleled Success of Don Bradman

Don Bradman is one of the most dominant and successful cricketers ever. Nicknamed ‘The Don’, he’s considered a legend in the cricket world. His remarkable career has set him apart from his peers, and from the world’s greatest cricketers, both before and since. Let’s take a closer look at his extraordinary career.

Rise to Prominence

Bradman made his Test debut in November 1928. In the following two-and-a-half decade, he plays 52 Test matches for Australia, amassing 6,996 runs. This record that includes 29 centuries and 13 half-centuries, at an average of 99.94. This average of 99.94 – the highest of all time – was achieved by no other Test batsman.

Career Achievements

But Bradman’s achievements extend far beyond just his batting records. He was also a highly successful captain and mentor. Under his untiring leadership, Australia won 32 out of the 52 tests he captained. His tactical acumen and enthusiasm, drew out the very best from all of his playmates.


Although he retired from cricket soon after, his legacy still lives on today. To honour his outstanding services, cricket bodies across the globe bestow awards every year to recognize and encourage young cricket talents. He also briefly returned to cricket in 1948 to coach the Australian team in a game against England – a fitting tribute to a magnificent career.

Final Thoughts

It’s been almost eight decades since Don Bradman graced the cricket fields, yet his legendary accomplishments still remain untouchable. He pushed the boundaries of cricket, and established a benchmark that has stayed untouched to this day, making him one of the greatest ever cricketers, and a true icon of the sport.


Don Bradman’s unparalleled success and achievements on the cricket field continues to amaze and inspire generations of cricket fans. His career legacy is testimony to the immense talent and skill of this world-renowned cricketing icon.

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