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Does PES Have Career Mode?

The popular sports game PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has been around for almost two decades, and in that time it has developed and added countless features, including different gaming modes. One of the questions new players often ask is “Does PES have a career mode?” The answer is yes – in fact, it has a range of career modes designed to give players an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Master League

The most popular PES career mode is Master League. This mode allows players to take a team of players and compete in a season over 30+ divisions, with a trophy awarded at the end. Players can choose between different teams, play various cup and league matches and even create their own custom team. There are also many team management options, such as transfers, team selection and more.

Become a Legend

Another popular PES career mode is ‘Become a Legend’. This mode allows players to create a unique character and take him through his own career path. Players have the chance to excel as a professional footballer, experiencing realistic game scenarios and developing their own playing style. They can compete in various leagues and tournaments, and progress through the ranks to become a legend.


The third career mode in PES is MyClub. In this mode, players create their own team and customize it however they like. This includes choosing the lineup, ground, staff, sponsors and more. The aim is to build a successful team, make a name for them and compete in tournaments and leagues. MyClub is great for those who want to create their own version of the perfect team.

Other Career Modes

In addition to the three main career modes, PES offers a variety of other modes to explore. These include:

    • Master League Online: This is a variation of Master League where players can compete in online tournaments.


    • MLS Initiatives: With this mode, players have the chance to compete in a Major League Soccer simulation.


    • e-Europe: In this mode, players compete in a simulated European tournament.


    • PES LEAGUE: This is an online mode where players compete in special tournaments.


So in conclusion, PES does offer multiple career modes for players to enjoy. With realistic scenarios, a variety of teams and interesting game mechanics, PES will provide a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

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