does pes 22 have career mode

does pes 22 have career mode

Does PES 22 Have Career Mode?

With the release of every Pro Evolution Soccer game, fans are always excited to try out the new features and improvements on the game. One of the most requested features for the game is the Career Mode, which offers an in-depth and personalised experience to the players and offers hours of fun and exciting gameplay. 

What is the Career Mode In Pro Evolution Soccer?

The Career Mode in Pro Evolution Soccer offers a completely unique experience to gamers. It allows them to create and manage their own team, while also dealing with in-game transfers and staff. Player and staff stats can also be tracked, giving players a very detailed picture of their team’s performance.

Will PES 22 Include a Career Mode?

The good news is that Pro Evolution Soccer 22 will indeed include a fully featured Career Mode. The mode will offer an even more detailed and in-depth experience than before. Players will be able to create their own manager, as well as customise the teams to their own specifications.

What’s New for PES 22 Career Mode?

The Career Mode for PES 22 will be more detailed and immersive than ever before. Here are some of the new features that will be available in the game:

  • Improved Transfer System: The transfer system has been improved to offer a more realistic and immersive experience. Players will be able to negotiate transfer fees and salaries, as well as scout for new talents for their teams.
  • Staff Management: Players will also be able to manage their staff. They will be able to hire and fire managers and coaches, as well as manage their scouting teams.
  • Online Mutiplayer: PES 22 will also offer an improved online multiplayer experience. Players will now be able to compete against each other in various tournaments and rankings.
  • Career Stats: Players will be able to track their career stats and compare them with other players around the world.


PES 22 looks to be the best version of the game yet. With the inclusion of the Career Mode and its improved features, the game will offer hours of fun and exciting gameplay. If you’re a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, then you won’t want to miss out on the new features of PES 22.

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