does madden 19 have a career mode


Does Madden 19 have a Career Mode?

Madden 19 is the newest edition of the hugely popular Madden NFL series of football video games. Many people have been wondering if it features a career mode, and the answer is yes!

Deep Dive into Franchise Mode

The career mode in Madden 19 is referred to as Franchise Mode, and it packs a lot of features to explore. Players can choose to become the owner or coach of an NFL team, and customize team details such as the stadium and uniforms. Franchise Mode has new ways of playing, such as Fantasy Draft. You can take part in the NFL Draft and actually see prospects improve with every training session.

Player Progression

Players progress through Franchise Mode in several ways. Players will be able to upgrade specific attributes of their team such as passing, running, blocking and tackling. They can also gain XP during games and use it to upgrade their team.

New Gameplay Options

In Franchise Mode, there are several new ways to experience the game. Players have the ability to play solo against the computer, or take on their friends in co-op mode. There’s also a new coaching mode, where you assign the team’s training, scouting and gameplay strategies.


Madden 19’s Franchise Mode is a rich and vibrant experience, perfect for football fans and gamers alike. With all the features outlined above, there’s no shortage of options to explore and strategies to master. So if you’re looking for an in-depth career mode experience, Madden 19 is the game for you.

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