does madden 15 have career mode


Does Madden 15 Have Career Mode?

Madden 15 is the latest installment of EA Sports’ popular American football game franchise. It has received critical acclaim, with many praising its graphics, animations, and improved artificial intelligence. But one of the features many gamers are wondering about is the presence of career mode.

What is Career Mode?

Career mode is a feature present in many sports games. It allows players to create a customized character, develop it over the course of a professional career, and go through simulated matches to see how their character progresses. In this way, players feel like their character is part of the game’s overall storyline.

Does Madden 15 Have Career Mode?

Unfortunately, Madden 15 does not possess a career mode feature. Many fans were disappointed when this news came out, as many felt that this feature would have added a more realistic feel to the game. However, there is always hope that EA Sports will include this feature in future updates.

Similar Modes In Madden 15

Though Madden 15 does not have a full career mode feature, it offers a few similar modes that may help gamers experience the same sort of feeling.

Franchise Mode: This mode allows players to create and manage a team throughout many years worth of seasons and playoffs. Players can also go free agent and sign players and make trades.

Connected Franchise Mode: This mode is fundamentally similar to Franchise mode, but allows gamers to interact with other players or AI controlled teams online.

Ultimate Team Mode: This mode is similar to that seen in FIFA games, and involves players collecting and trading cards to assemble a team. Players can then compete against the computer or against other people online.


Though Madden 15 does not have a full career mode feature, it does offer a few modes that can provide players with similar experiences. Whether or not EA Sports will implement a career mode in future updates is still unclear, but until then gamers will have to make do with the modes currently offered by the game.

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