does excepted service count towards career tenure


Does Exceptional Service Count Towards Career Tenure?

Career tenure is a concept used in many professions to denote the length of time a person has been employed in a particular organization. For those aiming to advance in their chosen profession or gain qualifications, there is often a minimum coinage of service required. But what if you’ve had to leave your role due to exceptional service? Does this count towards your career tenure?

What is considered “Exceptional Service”?

Exceptional service is a type of job performance that goes above and beyond the requirements of the position. It could involve developing innovative solutions to problems, showing a strong dedication to the job and its tasks or volunteering for extra duties. Working in the spirit of excellence is essential in any successful career.

Do Exceptional Service Hours Count Toward Career Tenure?

The answer is, it depends. The way professional organizations count year of experience can vary from place to place. Some may count exceptional service as job experience, while others may not. It is important to contact representatives from the organization or industry in which you are applying to determine their specific requirements for career tenure.

Benefits of Exceptional Service

No matter whether or not the organization you are applying with counts exceptional service towards your career tenure, there are several benefits to performing exceptional service in any job:

    • Job satisfaction: Performing above and beyond the expectations of the job can lead to higher job satisfaction.


    • Recognition: Exceptional service may lead to recognition from peers, management and customers.


    • Career advancement: Putting in extra effort and going the distance for your job can lead to promotions, raises and other career opportunities.


In the end, excellent service is generally recognized and appreciated by employers and clients. Whether or not it counts towards career tenure is ultimately up to the organization, so it is best to check with the sources directly before counting on it.

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