does efootball 2022 have career mode


Does eFootball 2022 Have Career Mode?

The released of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2022, AKA eFootball PES 2022, is eagerly awaited by many die-hard football fans. Many have questions about whether this edition will feature new or upgraded features in comparison to the previous version.

One of the most sought after features within any football game is the inclusion of career mode. Gamers of all ages love the idea of being able to become a virtual football manager! So, the big question remains: Does eFootball 2022 have career mode?

The Good News

The good news is, yes, eFootball 2022 will have a career mode. Konami have listened to gamers and the latest version will include a wide range of features unique to career mode. These include:

    • Player Development: Gamers will be able to develop a young squad of players, setting standards and forming expectations for their performances each season.


    • Managerial Tactics: eFootball 2022 will allow players to adjust the tactical systems of their team to capitalize on the strengths of the players.


    • Leagues and Cups: Players will be able to manage their team in all major European leagues, from the English Premier League to La Liga. They will also have the opportunity to take part in renowned cup competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, and Copa Libertadores.


The Bad News

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news; There are some aspects of career mode in eFootball 2022 that could be improved. These include:

    • Lack of In-depth Analysis: Although players can make tactical adjustments, the analysis aspect of career mode is inadequate. For example, a lack of player and team performance metrics is a missed opportunity.


    • No Revolutionary Changes: Very few new features have been added to career mode. Gamers have asked for the inclusion of features such as extensive training options and a contract negotiation system, but neither have been included in eFootball 2022.



In conclusion, eFootball 2022 does have career mode included, which comes as great news for many of us. However, Konami could have gone further as there are a lack of new and innovative features. Let us hope this changes with the next iteration of the game.

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