does assetto corsa have career mode


Does Assetto Corsa Have a Career Mode?

The realistic racing simulator game, Assetto Corsa, has been a popular choice for many racing fans for years. Players can take the wheel of some of the most iconic cars from the history of racing. But does the game have a career mode? Let’s find out.

The Pros of a Career Mode in Assetto Corsa

Having a career mode in Assetto Corsa would add a lot of depth and would be great for those who want something more than just a straightforward race. A career mode could consist of:

    • Competitions: Players could compete in various events like races, rallys, and drifting and win different rewards.


    • Story Line: A story line could be included, featuring the player’s progress along their racing career.


    • Customization: Players could customize their cars with parts and upgrade their team.


These are just some of the possibilities a career mode could provide. On top of this, players could even compete against randomly generated AI racers that slowly get harder as you progress.

The Cons of a Career Mode in Assetto Corsa

Not everyone is for a career mode in Assetto Corsa, though. Some reasons why this could be the case include:

    • Time: It would take a lot of time and effort to create a good career mode, and some players might not want to put that much time into it.


    • Complexity: Adding a career mode might make the game too complex for some players, especially those who just want to have some quick races.


    • Cost: It would cost a lot of money to develop and include a career mode, and this may not be achievable for the development team.



At this point, it seems that a career mode in Assetto Corsa is not likely. It would be a great addition, but the cons seem to outweigh the pros. But who knows, maybe in the future a career mode could become a reality. Until then, we can just sit back, enjoy the game and race!

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