do you get vc for simulation games 2k21 my career

do you get vc for simulation games 2k21 my career

Do You Get Virtual Currency (VC) in Simulation Games 2K21 My Career?

It’s no secret that the “NBA 2K21” video game series is known for its immersive simulations, giving gamers an authentic playing experience. With the popular “My Career” mode, gamers can create their own player and attempt to battle their way up the ladder. But many are asking: do you get virtual currency (VC) for playing “My Career” in 2K21?

What is VC?

Virtual Currency (VC) is a form of digital currency used in video games. It can be used to acquire virtual items, such as clothing, shoes, and customizations for avatars. VC can also be used to purchase gameplay boosts, such as increased attributes or better stats.

Do You Get VC in 2K21’s My Career?

2K21 offers two different versions of the game: the standard and the “Mamba Forever” edition. In both versions, players do get VC for playing the My Career mode.

However, VC rewards vary depending on the version of the game. For example, while standard version players get 50K VC to start My Career, Mamba Forever edition players get a whooping 150K VC to start.

How to Earn VC in My Career

Although the starting VC amount may vary, all players can earn VC for playing My Career mode. There are several ways to do this:

  • Winning games: Winning games will give players a significant amount of VC.
  • Purchasing VC: Players can purchase additional VC with real money.
  • Completing challenges: Challenges are often available for players to complete, which may reward VC upon completion.
  • Reaching milestones: As players reach new milestones, they may be given VC.


In conclusion, yes, players do get virtual currency (VC) for playing the My Career mode in 2K21. The amount varies depending on the version of the game, but there are still options to earn additional VC as you progress in My Career. So go ahead and give it a shot – your VC rewards await!

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