do what you are discover the perfect career pdf


Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career PDF

Do What You Are is a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect career for anyone. The PDF version of the book offers deep insights into individual personality traits, preference for different jobs and career paths, and a way to find the ideal job or career that suits each individual perfectly.

What’s Included?

The Do What You Are PDF offers:

    • Theory: A comprehensive overview of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and what it can tell you about yourself and potential career paths.


    • Guidance: Tips on how to interpret your type and get the most out of the information it provides.


    • Hands-on Exercises: Accessible and fun quizzes to help you better understand your preferences and interests for different careers.


    • Detailed Profiles: Examples of people who have made successful careers based on their unique types.


What Makes Do What You Are Different?

What sets Do What You Are apart from other advice and books on careers is its focus on the individual. The book takes the time to break down each of the MBTI personality types and explores the types in detail. This makes the book useful for anyone wanting to dig a little deeper and find career paths that match their individual type.

The focus on personality types gives the book an added layer of insight. The authors also take the time to explore all the different careers that may suit an individual, enabling readers to think more broadly about all their available options.


Do What You Are PDF is an ideal way for anyone to get started on understanding the connection between their unique personality type and potential careers. The thorough and insightful approach gives a unique perspective on how to find the perfect career for each individual. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to discovering your ideal career, Do What You Are is a great place to start.

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