do non career usps get benefits

do non career usps get benefits

Do Non-Career Employees at USPS Receive Benefits?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the second-largest employer in the United States and includes over 644,000 employees. This includes full-time and part-time staff as well as non-career and temporary workers. Depending on your position, you may be eligible to receive benefits.

Non-Career Employees

Non-career positions at the USPS do not include competitive service benefits and do not lead to permanent employment. These employees are employed on an as-needed basis with the duration of the job typically not exceeding 360 days. Some of the non-career positions available at the USPS include:

  • Emergency/Temporary Employees: This role is designed to fill temporary gaps when full-time or part-time staff may not be available.
  • Intermittent Employees: Intermittent employees usually carry out specific emergency duties or duties during peak periods.
  • Holiday Temporary Employees: This is a seasonal role usually undertaken during the busy holiday season.

Benefits for Non-Career Employees

Non-career employees may be eligible to receive some USPS benefits. This includes:

  • Health Insurance: Non-career employees may be eligible to receive health insurance. This includes coverage for office visits, hospitalization and prescription drugs.
  • Flexible Spending Account: This allows the employee to pay for certain eligible medical and dependent care expenses with pretax dollars.
  • Retirement: Non-career employees may be eligible to receive the same retirement benefits as full-time staff as well as access to the Thrift Savings Plan.
  • Life Insurance: Non-career employees may be offered life insurance coverage.
  • Vacation: Non-career employees are usually not eligible for vacation pay or other time off.

To find out what benefits you may be eligible for as a non-career employee at the USPS, it is best to speak to your supervisor or Human Resources department.

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