did ninjas career died

Did Ninjas Career Die Out?

Throughout the years, ninjas have become notorious as secret agents who used their weapons and skills to complete covert missions. But, did their career die out?

Evidence of Ninjutsu

While the exact origins and practices of ninjas are still debated, there is evidence of their existence in the early 14 century. Ninjas were described as the ‘shadow warriors’ and they mainly operated in the provinces of Iga and Koga in what is now modern-day Japan.

Ninjas studied ninjutsu, an art of ninjitsu. This art included numerous skills like espionage, infiltration, camouflage and assassination, to name a few. They used these techniques to infiltrate their opponents’ locations and to complete their mission.

Decline in Ninjas

When Japan moved from the Feudal system to the modern period in the mid-19th century, the ninja’s role began to decline. With the emergence of modern technology and warfare, the need for ninjas decreased greatly. Their training and methods were outdated and ineffective compared to the latest military developments.

Furthermore, the decline in ninjas was accelerated during the Meiji Restoration which sought to eliminate the use of feudalism. This eliminated the need for ninjas and other noble figures. The decline was also present during World War II and the years following it.

Modern Ninjas

In modern times, the term ‘ninja’ has seen an increase in its usage. This is mainly due to their portrayal in popular culture, most notably in books, movies and video games.

But contrary to popular belief, there are very few practitioners of traditional ninjutsu. Most of them are enthusiasts rather than actual ninjas. Traditional ninjutsu has also been hard to revive since it was passed down orally.


To conclude, the rise of modern warfare and technologies did have a major role in the decline of ninjas. But in modern times, the term ‘ninja’ has seen a rise in its usage due to its portrayal in popular culture. However, actual traditional ninjutsu training and practice is not as widespread.

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