did melissa rauch ruin her career

did melissa rauch ruin her career

Did Melissa Rauch Ruin Her Career?

Melissa Rauch is an American comedian, actress and writer, who rose to fame after her portrayal of Bernadette on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. After 8 successful seasons working on the show, Melissa decided to move on and leave the show during its final season. Despite leaving the show at its peak, some people have questioned whether Melissa Rauch made the right decision, or if she’s ruined her career by leaving the safety of The Big Bang Theory.


  • She has more freedom to be creative – Melissa is now free to explore different aspects of her creativity. She can take on new projects, explore different genres and be a part of more dynamic stories.
  • She has more time for her family – Melissa is now able to spend more time with her husband and daughter, without the demands of a regular film and television set.
  • She has more control over her career – With more creative freedom and more available time, Melissa has the opportunity to make her own choices, such as selecting projects that she is truly passionate about.


  • She might not be as visible to the public – With no more regular appearances on television, Melissa’s visibility to the public may have decreased.
  • She might not have the same level of success as she had on The Big Bang Theory – Melissa may find it difficult to transition to a new role, thus making it difficult for her to achieve the same level of success she had on The Big Bang Theory.
  • She may have to take on non-ideal projects – Melissa may be forced to take on non-ideal projects in order to make a living, thus leading to a potential decrease in quality of her work.

At the end of the day, only Melissa Rauch knows if she’s made the right decision by leaving The Big Bang Theory. While she’s taken a risk by leaving the show, it’s possible that she has done so in order to pursue her own creative freedom and her own projects. Whatever the case, it looks like Melissa has already found success outside of The Big Bang Theory, as she recently starred in and co-wrote the 2019 comedy film The Bronze.

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