did elvis wear makeup in his early career


Did Elvis Wear Makeup in His Early Career?

The life of Elvis Presley as an entertainer was full of remarkable outfits, performances, and movies. It’s no wonder that so many fans are curious if he ever wore makeup during his career. The answer is yes – in the early stages of his career in 1954, Elvis wore makeup.

What Kind of Makeup Did He Wear?

Elvis was known to wear mostly cosmetics to enhance his natural features, such as blush and lipstick. He might also have used eyebrow pencils and eyeliner from time to time, although he largely preferred lighter cosmetics and natural looks.

Why Did He Wear Makeup?

Elvis wore makeup to make sure he looked his best on the stage, in movies, and in photographs. He also wanted to appeal to his female fans and thus took extra care with his appearance.

Common Makeup Techniques of the Time

Some of the makeup techniques that were popular in the 1950s included powder, mascara, foundation, and eyelashes. Elvis usually applied a light foundation to even out his skin tone, as well as a bit of blush. To complete his look, he would often line his eyes with eyeliner and mascara to give his eyes more definition.


Overall, Elvis Presley was known to have worn makeup during his early career in the 1950s, mostly to enhance his natural features and make sure his appearance was up to par. He used mostly lighter makeup, such as blush and lipstick, but also occasionally utilized eyeliner and mascara.

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