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De Santis Military Career

Enzo De Santis began his military career as a cadet at the Italian Military Academy of Modena in 1957. After graduating in 1959, he went on to serve in the Italian Army with distinction. During his career, Enzo rose through the ranks from Captain to General and was eventually appointed Chief of Staff of the Army in 2001.

Early Career

Enzo started out his military career as a lieutenant in the Paratroopers Corp of the Italian Army. He quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the Head of the Paratroopers Corp in 1988. During this time, he was also appointed commander of the 42nd Infantry Division and 7th army Corps.

Major Awards and Achievements

Enzo received numerous awards and decorations, including the Bronze and Silver Medals of Military Valor and the National Order of Merit Silver Medal. He also received the Gold Medal of Cavalry and the Silver Medal of Merit.

Later Career

Enzo was promoted to the rank of General in 1998 and in 2001, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Army. During this time, he was responsible for modernizing the Army, increasing its efficiency and improving its interoperability with allied forces. He was also responsible for the creation of a new military doctrine, the “De Santis Doctrine”.

Retirement and Legacy

Enzo retired from the military in 2005. He is remembered for his hard work and dedication, and for his commitment to the Italian army and its troops. His contributions to the Italian military are still felt today and the “De Santis Doctrine” is still used in the Italian military today.


Enzo De Santis had an illustrious career in the Italian military, rising from cadet to General in a matter of years. He received numerous honors and awards for his excellent service and his legacy and contributions to the Italian army are still felt today.

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