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David De Gea: Career Timeline

The Spanish footballer David De Gea has enjoyed a long, decorated career since joining Manchester United in 2011. Let’s take a look at his career journey:

Manchester United (2011-Present)

    • 2011-12: Signed from Atletico Madrid.


    • 2012-13: First Premier League title with Manchester United.


    • 2013-14: Premier League Golden Glove Award.


    • 2014-15: Manchester United FA Cup Winner.


    • 2015-16: Fifth Premier League golden glove.


    • 2016-17: EFL Cup Winner.


    • 2017-18: PFA Players’ Player of the Year.


    • 2018-19: Manchester United FA Cup Final Runner-up.


    • 2019-20: Manchester United Players’ Player of the Year.


International Career

David De Gea made his international debut in 2014, playing for Spain in the 2014 World Cup. He was part of the Spanish squad that won the UEFA European Championship in 2020. He has also made appearances in the UEFA Nations League, the FIFA Confederations Cup, and the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers.


During his career, De Gea has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades. These include:

    • UEFA Champions League Golden Glove: 2019


    • FA Cup: 2018 & 2020


    • Manchester United Player of the Year: 2019 & 2020


    • Premier League Golden Glove: SU2013/14, 2015/16, 2017/18, 2018/19 & 2019/20


    • PFA Player of the Year: 2017/18 & 2019/20



David De Gea has enjoyed an illustrious career, both at club and international levels, and is widely recognised as one of the best goalkeepers of the modern era.

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