can’t start my career 2k22

can’t start my career 2k22

Can’t Start My Career 2K22

I’m facing a writer’s block when it comes to starting my career for 2K22. I know my goals and the direction I want to take, but I’m having trouble seeing the next steps. In an effort to break that block, let’s identify some areas in which I can focus.

Take Stock of My Skills and Networks

My first step should be recognizing the skills I already have and forming a plan to develop them further. By considering my current networks and the ones I want to access, I can make decisions that will help make my goals happen.

Define My Career Goals

Often times, you don’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you are headed – that’s why it’s important to define my career goals. Even if they are loose, having goals gives my efforts direction. With this, I should also be honest with myself and be realistic when it comes to my timeline and expectations.

Research My Field

I should conduct research around the field I’m hoping to enter to give myself a better idea of the current landscape. What’s popular? Who are the people and production companies to get in touch with? Where is the industry moving to? With a solid understanding of the my future industry, I can begin to form tangible plans.

Take Action

The only way to really move forward is to take action. Here are a few actionable steps I can take to start my career:


  • Write a resume and cover letter. Showcase my accomplishments and personal mission so potential employers can get a good idea of who I am.
  • Network. Reach out to people and companies in the industry of interest – whether through an in-person event or online forum.
  • Keep Learning. This could mean taking classes, reading books, devouring podcasts and more, but it’s important to keep learning and sharpening my skills.

The bottom line is, starting anything new can be intimidating, and the same goes for a career. But I’m determined to break that block and make 2K22 the year of beginning my career – I just need to plan, research and take action.

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