can your name affect your career

can your name affect your career

Can Your Name Affect Your Career?

It may come as a surprise to some, but your name can play a part in your professional successes and advancement. Whether you like it or not, your name can either open or close doors. Here are some of the ways that your name might influence your career:

Employers Rarely Forget Appellations

The research shows that having an uncommon name, or an unusual spelling of a more common name, can positively affect your hire-ability. Employers are more likely to remember your name and your CV, which is a huge advantage in any job search.

Your Name Can Carry Stigma

Unfortunately, a difficult name can lead employers to make assumptions about your background that may ultimately have a negative effect on your career. For instance, names that appear more typically from specific ethnicities, religions, or class backgrounds may lead potential employers to believe that their business may be exposed to bias or criticism.

It Can Affect Your Salary

As unlikely as it may seem, studies have shown that having an exotic name may give you an advantage when negotiating your salary. Employers may assume that those with unique names will be more unique in their approach and potentially worth the premium.

Your Name Can Make or Break a Network

Networking is an essential part of advancing your career. As such, it is pertinent that colleagues, superiors, and customers remember your name clearly. With a unique name, you may get a better chance of sticking in the minds of your contacts, allowing for more fruitful interactions in the future.


While a name can never guarantee success in the workplace, it certainly can help or hurt your chances. Being remembered by potential employers and contacts can be invaluable and having an uncommon name can give you an advantage. Furthermore, it is important to be mindful of potential stigmas that your name may carry so that you can be strategic and calculated in your job search.

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