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Starting a Career 2k22: What You Need to Know

Having a successful career is often an important part of life for many people, however, starting or restarting a career later in life can be a daunting task. Knowing what you need to get started in your career, from education to job opportunities, can make all the difference.

Getting Educated

Before you can start or restart a career, getting educated is an important step. Depending on your career goals, going back to school might be necessary. Here are some ways to start your education journey:

    • Take an online class: Taking an online class in a subject related to the career you want to pursue can be a great way to get started. This is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to get an introduction to the area.


    • Talk to an academic advisor: Meeting with an academic advisor can give you valuable advice and guidance on what to study and what kind of degree you should pursue.


    • Attend a certification program: Different types of industries require different certifications and companies often prefer or require those that have been certified in specific areas.


Research Opportunities

Once you have the education needed, determining what job opportunities are available is important.

    • Research job sites: Job sites can be an excellent way to get an overview of what jobs are available in the area you are interested in. Many job sites have filters that allow you to narrow down the search to only jobs that fit your qualifications and interests.


    • Talk to people in the industry: Networking can be helpful as well. Talking to people in the industry can give you some insight into what kind of companies might be hiring, as well as valuable advice on how to stand out from the competition.


    • Be prepared to start from the bottom: It is important to have realistic expectations when starting a career. It may be necessary to take entry-level positions in order to gain experience, but this can often lead to more opportunities and eventually more job security.


Restarting a career in 2K22 is an achievable goal. With the right education and research into job opportunities, anyone can get started with a rewarding and successful career.

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