can you play split screen career mode on f1 2021

can you play split screen career mode on f1 2021

Can you play split screen career mode on F1 2021?

F1 2021 is the latest annual installment of the long-running Formula One racing video game series from Codemasters. It’s the first game to include a new split screen career mode, allowing players to race with their friends in local multiplayer using two consoles or one console and two controllers.

What is the new split screen career mode?

The new split screen career mode allows players to race in local co-op with two players who can take part in the same race session from the same viewpoint or on separate screens. Players will have unique career progression and rivalries, with their cars and team development impacted by their progress in each race.

Is it available on all platforms?

The new split screen career mode is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam, allowing a range of players to enjoy it.

What features are included?

Split screen career mode brings several features and benefits to players, including:

  • Realistic view: Authentic graphics and performance levels, with realistic physics and AI offering a close simulation of real-world racing.
  • Friendly rivalry: Unique career and team progress for each player, with the results of each race and qualifying session impacting each other.
  • Team upgrades: Ability to upgrade components on each car, from the engine to the chassis.
  • Live events: Access to a range of live events for an added challenge.


The new split screen career mode in F1 2021 adds an exciting new form of racing to the game. Players can enjoy head-to-head competition with their friends while progressing their own career. It is available on all platforms so fans of the series can join in the fun.

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