can you play nba 2k20 my career offline


Can You Play NBA 2K20 My Career Offline?

The short answer is yes, you can play the ‘My Career’ mode of NBA 2K20 offline. This mode allows players to create their own customizable, fictional basketball player and develop their career. However, there are significant limitations to playing the ‘My Career’ mode when compared to doing so online.

Limitations to Playing My Career Mode Offline

When playing NBA 2K20’s My Career mode offline, the following restrictions will apply:

    • No Trading – When playing the My Career mode offline, players will be unable to trade their players with other teams.


    • No Online Multiplayer – If you play the mode offline you cannot participate in online multiplayer games, including online associations.


    • No Online Customization – Players won’t be able to customize their players online, nor purchase items from the online store.


    • No Access to Leaderboards – Player’s career stats won’t be recorded on the Leaderboards.



While you can play My Career mode offline in NBA 2K20, you won’t be able to access many of the features which makes the experience fun and enjoyable. Therefore, it is advised that you play the game online to appreciate all that it has to offer.

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