can you edit players in fifa 21 career mode

can you edit players in fifa 21 career mode

Editing Players in FIFA 21 Career Mode

FIFA 21 brings the much-loved career mode back with some new improvements and features. One of the biggest questions is: “Can you edit players in FIFA 21 career mode?” The good news is that players can be edited in FIFA 21, giving gamers the ability to customize their teams and enhance the gaming experience.

How to Edit Players

Editing players in FIFA 21 is fairly straightforward however players need to follow certain steps to make sure the changes are successful.

  • Select Profile Settings: players need to click the “Settings” button at the top of the FIFA 21 main menu and select the “Profile Settings” tab.
  • Choose Edit Player: a list of players will appear under the “Profile Settings” tab and players will need to select the player that they want to edit.
  • Adjust Attributes: players can then adjust the players attributes, such as pace, strength, and shooting ability.
  • Apply Changes: after adjusting the players attributes, players will then need to hit the “Save Changes” button to apply the changes.


In conclusion, editing players in FIFA 21 is a great feature and allows players to customize their teams and create their own unique gaming experience. With a few simple steps, players can edit and improve their players to help them become the team of their dreams.

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