can you change your stadium in fifa 22 career mode


Changing Your Stadium in FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 allows you to create an immersive career mode unlike any other sports game. One customization feature you’ll want to take advantage of is choosing the right stadium for your team. Here is how to change your stadium in FIFA 22 career mode.

Finding a Stadium in the Transfer Market

The first way to get a new stadium for your team is to search for one in the transfer market. You can search for stadiums depending on their size or the facilities they offer so that you can find the perfect fit for your team.

Buying a New Stadium from Your Transfer Budget

Another option for changing your stadium in FIFA 22 career mode is to use your transfer budget to buy a new one. You can use your budget to purchase either a real-life stadium or one of the fictional stadiums included in the game.

Design a New Stadium in Career Mode

The third option is to actually design a new stadium in career mode. You’ll be able to set the size, location, and facilities of the stadium, so you’re able to create the perfect home for your team.

Advantages of Changing Your Stadium

There are numerous advantages to changing your stadium in FIFA 22 career mode:

    • It will increase your team’s fan base. A bigger stadium will lead to more fans and thus, more money from ticket sales.


    • It will give your team more credibility. Moving to a bigger stadium will give your team an extra boost of credibility in the eyes of fellow teams, fans, and sponsors.


    • It will provide better facilities for your players. A bigger stadium means better facilities for your players, such as better training and better medical facilities.


In conclusion, changing your stadium in FIFA 22 career mode provides numerous advantages and allows you to create the perfect home field for your team. With three different ways to do this – finding a stadium in the transfer market, buying one with your transfer budget, or creating one yourself – you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your team.

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