can you change your height in nba 2k21 my career


Can You Change Your Height In NBA 2k21 My Career?

If you’re an avid NBA 2K gamer and are curious about the possibility of changing your height in the My Career mode, you’re not alone. After all, manipulating your player’s characteristics is a big part of the appeal of NBA 2K series. The good news is that you can, in fact, make adjustments to your player’s stats in NBA 2k21 My Career.

How Can You Change Your Height in NBA 2K21 My Career?

You can make a few adjustments to your height by heading over to the My Player Builder. Once you’ve created your player, you can review him or her in the My Player Builder. Here, you’ll have access to many sliders and parameters associated with your created character.

To adjust your height, you should locate the Physical tab. This is where you can select different body types, facial features, and hairstyles. You can also find your overall height here. You can make changes by clicking on the sliders to adjust relative heights. You can also use the height slider to scale the relative heights of the body type or face parts.

Additionally, you have the options to make further changes to your player’s height. When you’re done or if you need a break, you can save your progress and continue creating your perfect player in the future.

Which Stats Are Adjusted by Changing Your Height?

Making minor shifts to your height can affect your character’s core attributes, such as:

    • Speed:increases with a shorter height


    • Agility:increases with a shorter height


    • Jump:increases with a taller height


    • Strength:increases with a taller height


These are some of the most important attributes you should consider when creating a character in NBA 2K21 My Career. The good news is that a small variation in the height of your created character can make a big difference in their capabilities in the game.


While you cannot directly manipulate your player’s height, you can make adjustments indirectly by using the sliders and parameters found in the My Player Builder. This can have an impact on your player’s speed and agility, as well as their strength and jumping ability. For what’s possible, consider giving it a shot and create your own, taller or shorter, NBA star!

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