can i change my career at 40


It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Career at 40

Theoretically, Yes

Yes, it is absolutely possible to change careers at 40. Your age won’t stop you from trying something new and you will likely bring a lot of valuable experience to the table that other professionals may not have. It might be more difficult for a 40 year old to land a job than for a 25 year old, but it’s not impossible.

Practical Considerations

Before you make the leap to change your career, here are some considerations you should take into account:

    • Motivation: Are you motivated to push yourself to tackle something new?


    • Focus: What kind of career change are you hoping to make? Do you have a direction in mind or are you starting from scratch?


    • Feasibility: What will it take to make the switch? What education and training will you need, if any? Is the field you’re considering hiring older adults?


    • Life Connections: Does your current situation (family, finances, etc) support this career change?


    • Mentors: Do you have a mentor or a trusted advocate who can help guide you through the transition?


How to Make the Switch

If you decide that now is the right time to make a career change, here are some tips to help you make the switch:

    • Research the industry of your interest


    • Gather information on job requirements


    • Update your resume


    • Network and build relationships in the new field


    • Update your skills through classes and workshops


    • Volunteer or take a temporary gig


Changing careers when you’re 40 can be intimidating, but it can also be invigorating and life changing. With a clear plan and dedication, you can make the transition. Though you may come across challenges along the way, don’t let them discourage you. With hard work and perseverance, the rewards of transitioning to a new job can be worth it in the end.

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