can esports be a career

can esports be a career

Can Esports be a Career?

Many people are debating if esports is a viable career option or if it should simply referred to as a hobby. Here’s an evaluation of this potential career choice.


The rewards for becoming a successful professional esports player are significant. Top-level prize money can be substantial, with some million-dollar tournaments. Furthermore, players may also gain sponsorships and endorsements from companies wishing to be associated with winning teams, plus there are potential opportunities to convert online popularity into merchandise and other activities.


The esports industry is fiercely competitive, with many players around the world vying for the same spot. As with any sport, becoming an elite esports player requires dedication, talent and hard work.

Injuries are also a risk, although this mostly concerns serious players who train and travel with the same intensity as professional players in traditional sports. Sitting in front of the screen and gaming at the same position for a long period of time can cause injury, fatigue, headaches and other problems.

Can Esports be a Career?

Yes, esports can be a career. Professional players can earn prize money, sponsorships and endorsements, although even the most successful players will not earn as much as people in other professional sports. If you are willing to make the commitment, taking steps such as not skipping practice and enrolling in at least one tournament a week are important for achieving success.

Before taking the plunge and striving for a career in esports, it is important to understand the potential rewards and risks associated with the industry.

Essential Attributes for an Esports Career?

Anyone wanting to pursue a career in esports should possess the following attributes:

  • Technical skills – An up-to-date knowledge of the different platforms and genres within esports.
  • Physical skills – An ability to stay alert and avoid fatigue during gaming sessions.
  • Mental skills – A sound understanding of game strategizing, tactics and timing.
  • Teamwork skills – The ability to work well with a team.
  • Networking skills– A skill in forming connections and collaborations with other industry professionals.

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