can art be a career


Can Art be a Career?

It is often assumed that art is mere hobby or talent which is not capable of being used for a professional job. Furthermore, there is an assumption that art is only good for leisure activities, however, much like other professions – one can indeed have an artistic career.

Art as a Professional Career

The popular conception of art as simply past-time activity is not necessarily true. It is a viable career option now more than ever. Professional artists can be found in multiple art organisations, found in cinemas and galleries, in educational institutions, and even in the entertainment industry.

The possibilities of having a profession in art are vast. Potential careers can vary from being a graphic designer, illustrator, or even a sculptor. There are also art consultants and historians, who specialize in the conservation of artwork and oversee the preservation of art galleries or other organizations.

Advantages of a Career in Art

A career in art offers great prospects and satisfaction. Art is known to be an expression of innermost feelings, creativity, and imagination, making it a unique and enjoyable profession.

The art industry is a lucrative one, with professional artists being able to easily market their work. As technology progresses, art is becoming more accessible, with various online platforms now available to showcase and sell one’s work.

Furthermore, a career in art also offers a lot of flexibility. A great number of art related professions allow you to take up part-time gigs or freelance jobs, allowing you to make a living from what your creative skills.

Steps to Becoming an Artist

The journey to becoming a professional artist can be made easier today than ever before, with educational institutes offering courses and diplomas to help aspirants.

Below is a list of the fundamental steps in becoming an artist:

    • Gain knowledge: Educate yourself and be updated on the latest art trends and styles.


    • Develop skill: A great artist is not only knowledgeable, but also highly skilled and practiced in the craft.


    • Find a Mentor: Find someone who can help you learn and grow your craft, preferably an experienced older artist.


    • Network and build a portfolio: Join art circles and organizations, and build a portfolio of your best works. Make sure your portfolio stands out.


    • Market: Take active steps to market yourself and your work – exercise branding techniques, publicise yourself and put your work out there.



Art has become a viable and professional career, with one’s creative skills and knowledge now capable of generating a great living. With dedication, education, and practice, one can easily make art a secure and enjoyable career.

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