can academic misconduct affect your career


Academic Misconduct and Your Career

What is Academic Misconduct?

Academic misconduct is any kind of behavior around study, or assessments that are seen as breaking the rules or academic standards. It can be intentional or unintentional. Some examples are:

    • Cheating on an exam, or plagiarizing an assignment


    • Using someone else’s answer book to study


    • Having someone else write your essay


How Can It Affect Your Career?

Having a record of academic misconduct can seriously harm your chances of getting the job you want or advancing in your current career. Employers are increasingly carrying out background checks, including checking for academic misconduct. This means that if you have been accused of such a thing, it can come up in your search for employment.

In some fields of study, such as medicine or law, having a record of academic misconduct could mean you are unable to enter the profession. Even if you are able to enter the profession, it could have a negative effect on your chances of being promoted or rising to the top of your chosen field.

How to Avoid Academic Misconduct

If you are accused of academic misconduct, it could have a very serious effect on your career prospects. To avoid getting into this situation:

    • Make sure you are familiar with the rules of academic conduct in your institution


    • Write your own essays and assignments – don’t try to use someone else’s work


    • Stick to the rules in exams – don’t look at or copy from others


It is important to remember that cheating or plagiarism can have serious consequences for your future prospects, so it’s best to avoid it all costs.



Academic misconduct can have a serious effect on your future career. It is important to understand the rules of academic conduct in your institution and to stick to them. Doing so can help you avoid being accused of misconduct and help ensure your future prospects remain intact.

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