am i in the wrong career quiz


Am I In The Wrong Career Quiz?

Do you feel like your current career trajectory isn’t quite what you envisioned for your life and more importantly; Are you happy?

If you’ve been asking yourself these vital questions and want to know if your current career is right for you, it’s time to take the following quiz and find out!

Questions For Consideration:

    • Do I look forward to going to work each day?


    • Do I take pride in the work that I do?


    • Am I fulfilled in my career?


    • Do I feel like I have opportunities to do what I’m passionate about within my current job?


    • Do I feel like I’m using my talents to the best of my ability?


    • Do I have a support system that helps me grow professionally?


    • Do I have a clear idea of how to keep developing my career?


    • Do I feel like my job contributes to a greater purpose?


If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, it might be time for you to consider if you’re on the right career path for you. While it may seem intimidating to make a switch, taking control of your own career faith is worth the effort.

Taking this quiz is the perfect way to kick-start the process of determining if your current career is the right fit. After you’ve taken the time to consider the questions, it’s important you take action and move towards the career that will make you the happiest.

Good luck on your journey and may you find the career that was meant for you.

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