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Introducing the A-Z Career Lab

The A-Z Career Lab is an online resource for students and adults looking to find the job that’s perfect for them. It offers tools, advice, and knowledgeable guidance to assist those seeking the career that best fits their unique set of qualifications, skills, and interests in life.

Tools & Resources

The A-Z Career Lab provides a variety of tools to help people in their journey to finding a career:

    • Career Exploration: assess your personal interests, skills, and unique abilities to help you determine the career path that’s right for you.


    • Career Advice : Read articles and view videos related to determining the right career.


    • Job Search: Find the jobs that match your career specialty and meet the criteria needed to excel in a particular job.


Online Counseling & Support

The A-Z Career Lab also provides guidance and support from career counselors who can help you understand the best career options for you and offer advice based on your individual experiences, aspirations, and qualifications.

Professional Networking

Connect with other professionals in the industry to build your network. Learn from their experiences, pick up tips on career progression and look for work opportunities.

The A-Z Career Lab is a great resource to explore and build a career path that fits your life and fulfills your purpose.

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